Saturday, March 6, 2010

An Interview with Laurel of Forget-Het-Nots

1. How have flowers affected your life?

They have always been around me. My mom spent a ton of time in her garden, which no longer exists. (Don’t get me started….) And she always said these little rhymes about flowers. It took me awhile to realize that no other moms said them, just mine. I used to deliver flowers from my mom to people on our block for special occasions and stuff, too. Everyone ADORED her flowers. Flowers were how she related to the world.

Now I get this fizzy, tingly feeling whenever I’m around flowers. And -- has anyone else noticed? -- that their scents seem amazingly stronger these days. It’s like I feel a surge of something – energy or power – when I hold them, but the feeling is slightly different with different blooms. My mom was always talking about using your gifts, so maybe flowers are mine. I’m just not exactly sure how to use them.

2. Have you ever thought of writing your own flower book?

I feel like I could write a book just to translate the flower books I already have. Some of the words are pretty archaic, like cape jasmine, or we don’t use the same botanical names they used to, so it can be confusing. I’d really love for my grandma or Ms. Suarez to write that translation actually. They know so much more about the language than me.

If I wrote a book, it would probably be a picture book. My mom used to read me this book called Miss Rumphius all the time. Miss Rumphius makes the world a better place by scattering lupine seeds all over, so her hometown just blooms in pastels the next year. It’d be cool to write a book that makes you want to go out and make the world more beautiful.

3. What was it like having so many requests for your bouquets?

Awesome and overwhelming. When I first got to Avondale, I was practically invisible and now everyone – even the seniors -- knows my name. The hard part is now they kind of think I can just hand them some flowers and makeover their lives. It’s just not that easy, and I keep thinking I’ve got it figured out and then something bizarre happens, like with Tara and Everett. But I don’t want to let anyone down, and everyone’s so hopeful when they come to see me.

4. What’s in store for your future?

Avondale feels like home now, but I don’t really trust the truce with Tara. Not completely. And I’m not sure that Ms. Suarez has told me about all the flowerspeakers here or at Willowlawn. Some of the younger girls must not know yet. And you won’t believe what happened the other day: Rose asked me for a tussie! I think Rose is in love. And Justin still rocks, btw.

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