Friday, March 5, 2010

Here, Have a Flower

So, since I'm apart of the Forget-Her-Nots blog tour. I am here today, to give you all a virtual flower. If you have collected this weeks flowers, you will be entered to win Beautiful Creatures, Forget Her Nots swag, The Secret Year, and Candor. "Each stop on the tour will be posting a flower in their post, and it's your job to collect all the flowers that week and email them to Amy so you can enter the contest."*
You can find the tour schedule here.

My flower for you all is the Stargazer Lily
Isn't is lovely?
I don't know the exact meaning of this Lily. But, while searching online I found a few things. The sources I found said that it meant wealth, prosperity, and aspiration.

My review is here.
You can enter to win a copy of Forget Her Nots and some swag from me, here.
Here is a guest post from Amy Brecount White.

*Taken from Khy's post. Cuz she explained it well.

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