Saturday, March 20, 2010

Author Appreciation Week- Day 6

Though there are many authors that I appreciate great amounts that I haven't shared on the blog this week, this is my last Author Appreciation Week post. Today, I am appreciating two tenners who are AWESOME. Those tenners are:
Heidi R. Kling

Daisy Whitney

Heidi is one of the sweetest authors I have ever met *online*. Though... we do need to actually finally meet, Heidi *April!!!!* Her book Sea comes out in June. It is one of the best books I have read so far this year, and I can't wait to be one of the fangirls at the launch. Heidi is the person who is running this Author Appreciation Week shindig *oh yeah... I went there... all Western on you*. She is a prominent member in the YA community, and an all around awesome person.

Daisy is just pure amazing. *My mom and I both agree* As far as I know, she is really really busy... like... often. And she still responds to all my crazy emails. I haven't read Daisy's book. I can't wait to read it, it sounds amazing and comes out in November. It's called The Mockingbirds and when it comes out you should totally get it.


Amanda said...

June 19th! 7pm! Although, it doesn't include Daisy. Her, I really want to read and come in.

Daisy Whitney said...

Aww, Zoe!!! I adore you! Thank you SO MUCH! If I do a local book signing, will you introduce me like you did for Kami and Margie??? XOXO

ZoeAlea said...

Daisy! Of course I will introduce you! Hopefully I won't forget my name like I did when introducing Kami and Margie *oops*.


Amanda said...

Totally understandable, you had their names and your intro taking up most of the space in your head. Daisy needs to come do a local book signing at my store (and at some of the High Schools. I know some English teachers that will eat that kind of a presentation up). And you must introduce it Zoe.