Thursday, March 25, 2010

Controversy: Posting Bad Reviews

I came home from school today and saw a few posts in my reader about a topic in book blogging thats been coming up lately. This topic is posting bad reviews. There are two wonderful posts that I found. The first one is written by The Story Siren, which you can find here. The other one is written by Wastepaper Prose, and you can find it here.

These two posts explain whats going on with the whole thing. I agree whole-heartedly with both of them. There are plenty of books that I've read and not liked, and not reviewed. There are however, books that I've reviewed and disliked. It honestly depends on the books.

Most positive reviews that I post are posted because the books have made some impact on me. There are also a lot of books I have yet to read and review. But, let's be straight forward here... the books that I'm most interested in I read first. It's a force of habit. If there is a book that comes out in two months that Im really excited about and a book that comes out in one month that I'm on edge about... I'm going to read the one that I'm most excited about. I know it's not right, but I'm human.

Currently reading- Likely Story *series* by David Van Etten

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Shalonda said...

Well said. I do not think that a blogger must post negative reviews in order to be taken seriously. I commend you for knowing what type of books you like and spending your time enjoying those, rather than seeking out books that you can give bad reviews of (I honestly think some bloggers do this, which is why many reviews start out with..."I didn't think I'd like it", or "this is not my kind of book." What a waste!).

sad said...
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