Saturday, September 5, 2009

An Interview with Lisa McMann!

A few months ago, I reviewed Wake and Fade by Lisa McMann. I also interviewed Lisa McMann, which you can find here. I thought I would interview Lisa again, since it has been a few months. So, here it goes:

1. So, the WAKE and FADE books have become really well known. What are your thoughts on that and is there any crazy stories relating to the fans of your books?

It still surprises me when people show up to my events, and I'm absolutely touched when I find out some of them have driven for hours to get to a signing. There are fans who stand out, but the ones who cry when they get up to the table are especially memorable. It's very humbling to mean so much to someone. I love my fans. Haven't had too many bad-crazy episodes at all. Only good-crazy. :)

2. After the release of the third book in the series, GONE. Do you plan on starting to write another book right away? Or will you be taking some time off writing?

I am already working on the next book. It's called CRYER'S CROSS and it is slated to be in bookstores in Spring 2011. It's a stand-alone teen paranormal thriller with a love story. No dreams this time.

3. When you went on tour earlier this year for WAKE and FADE, what were some highlights of the tour?

School visits are usually fun, especially if I get a chance to talk to students one-on-one. Also on this recent trip I took a photo that would eventually "become" the cover shot for GONE. I put "become" in quotes because the photo was altered by the S&S art department, but that chair in the spotlights -- I took that picture. It's from the Clift hotel lobby in San Francisco, which incidentally was the place where Miss Spoobin came from. (If you don't know who Miss Spoobin is, read my blog here: )

4. Do you watch musicals? If so, whats your favorite one?

I LOVE MUSICALS! I don't have a favorite. I have never seen a musical I didn't like. My daughter was recently in Thoroughly Modern Millie and it was awesome.

5. Is there anything you would like to add?

Yes! If you are just wondering about my books but haven't read them, or if you can't wait for GONE -- either way -- check out my free short story from Cabel's point of view. Just click on "Cabel's Side of the Story" on the widget on my website!


Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

Awesome interview! Lisa is my all time fav. author! i can't wait until GONE comes out :D

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