Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Exclusively Chloe by J.A. Yang

Chloe-Grace can't help it—she's spectacular. How could she not be with celebrity parents who have been the queen and king of Hollywood for years? And Chloe is a celebrity all unto herself as well— she's the first celebrity-adopted kid in Hollywood. But now Chloe's sixteen, and she is tired of every undesired moment of the world's attention. She wonders what it would be like to be a "normal" kid in a regular school. To really understand it, though, she would need to go undercover. So after getting a "make-under" at the hands of her mother's fabulous stylist, she enters the "real" world. But she soon finds out that there is just as much drama there as there is in Hollywood....

J.A. Yang did an amazing job writing this book. He wrote from a girl's perspective perfectly. This was a book that I couldn't stop reading. I stayed up really late to finish this. even when I had school. As I have stated before, I don't really like books that have to die with popularity and celebrities, but this was amazing. I could totally understand Chloe Grace's reason to want to be a normal kid. This was a face paced addicting novel that many will enjoy. I highly recommend it.


Cheryl Renee Herbsman said...

Nice post! I'm really looking forward to reading this one. It's in my TBR pile!

Nina said...

Great review. I love the cover!
The summary also sounds very good.