Friday, May 6, 2011

Haunted by Joy Preble

35Anne is trying her best to live a normal life, but she's still got some power sparking inside her. She's hearing and seeing things that she tries her best to ignore-like being haunted by a Russian sea nymph that claims the princess Anastasia is still alive.

That's when Ethan Kozninsky-he of the stunning blue eyes, thick brown hair, and former immortal status-returns. Anne soon realizes that everything she's been trying to forget might be impossible to bury.


I think this is the only time I’ve ever said that I liked a sequel better than the first book. Haunted is the second book in a series, the first being Dreaming Anastasia which I reviewed in 2009. I remember not really liking Dreaming Anastasia because it didn’t really catch my attention and it started off slow.

Joy Preble stepped it up in Haunted! In her sophomore novel, I was much more interested into Anna and Ethan and everything going on. As the title suggests, this novel was quite haunting. To go along with that it also had lovely, lyrical writing that added to the story in the best way possible. Anne was a strong female lead and Ethan was interesting and fun to read about.

Though I don’t think many authors can pull off alternating chapters, I definitely think that Joy Preble is one of the few authors that can pull it off. Though I wasn’t planning on reading Haunted, since I didn’t like the first one- I’m glad I ended up reading it and I’m excited to see the next book in this series!

Haunted was a riveting and interesting sequel to a lovely series!

FTC- Publisher.