Saturday, May 28, 2011

Giveaways and Homework Help

You know I love you blog readers. You know I also love giveaways (I mean, honestly who doesn’t love giveaways? They are amazing.)  You may not know this, but I’m out of school on June 1st. That means I have final projects and such. So this post comes to you in three parts.

Part One- Giveaways.

I have this amazing giveaway going on right now that I’m really happy about. It ends May 31st. You can be one of two winners to get an ARC of Wildefire by Karsten Knight. You can enter it here.

I also have a birthday coming up (June 17th), which means I’m going to be having a giveaway then, too. I already know one of the books I’m going to be giving away but I don’t know the other one(s). Along with something I will be talking about next, I’m going to have a form on this post where you can tell me a book that you think I should giveaway for my birthday. I would prefer it be paperback, but hardback is fun too.

Part Two- Homework Help.

So because it is near the end of school, I have a final project that I’m working on for journalism class. I would love your help on this project. I have to create a newspaper (I have to write articles, add’s, etc.) and I need help thinking of ideas for news articles. This isn’t just any newspaper. This newspaper has a theme that I’m really close to. Most of the articles that will be in it I want to be reading/writing based.

I’m going to put a form at the end of this post and I would be so incredibly grateful if you all had any ideas for news articles that I can write for my newspaper. Who knows, I may even post the paper online for you to read if you want.

Part Three- Summer.

Summer is upon us, and summertime equals reading time for me. This means that I will hopefully be working my booty off to make this blog as good as it can possibly be. If you have any suggestions for me about what you think I should remove/add/do in terms of blogging and the layout of Zoe’s Book Reviews, there will be a spot on the form to tell me!


Thank you all so much and I really really hope that you’ll help me with these things.