Saturday, February 27, 2010

How They Met... A Post About Short Stories

A few days ago, I finally bought How They met and Other Stories by David Levithan *I know, I actually don’t own all of his books. Which is odd. I think I still need to get a few more* I have already posted my review of How They Met, a long time ago. But, I wanted to spend this post on short stories.

A lot of people don’t like short stories because, well…. They are short and some people just don’t prefer short books or stories. Frankly, some people can’t write good short stories. The characters are lacking and there is barely anything going on.

I love how David Levithan writes his short stories in How They Met. I also love the stories of how most of the short stories he has written were created. A lot of the short stories in How They Met and a few of his novels, were written for David’s friends for Valentine’s Day. I love the idea of that; to just write something for your friends, and have it turn out as pure amazing.

My favorite short story in How They Met is “Starbucks Boy” ever since the first time I read How They met, I have loved that short story. I love how it is so simple, yet, really cute.
The main point of this post was to show those who don’t like short stories that, some people can write them really well. A great short story book that I’ve read besides How They Met is called 21 Proms. It is written by various YA Authors, and it is amazing.


Precious said...

I know what you mean. Some people prefer novels to short stories. But here, people like short stories more than novels because they're short. I know, lazy readers. Personally, I love short stories. Eventhough they're short, they still have that X factor that strikes me. I'll try looking for that book.

Jamie said...

I haven't read How We Met yet, but The Realm of Possibility was amazing. David Levithan is definitely gifted when it comes to writing short stories!

Lenore Appelhans said...

I really loved DL's story in Geektastic, so I bought this book too! I haven't read it yet though. Looking forward!