Friday, April 22, 2011

Shadow Walkers by Brent Hartinger Tens List

Today, as part of the Teen Book Scene tour- I have a guest post from the author of Shadow Walkers (my review will be posted on May 5th). Brent Hartinger put together a lovely list telling me (and all of you) his top ten islands! Find out more about his top ten islands now-


1. Vashon Island. This is an island in Puget Sound, the one I modeled Hinder Island after in my book Shadow Walkers. It’s not quite as remote as Hinder, but it’s just as beautiful. And downtown Vashon is absolutely the town of Hinder in the book.

2. Grenada. This Caribbean country is incredibly beautiful and beyond charming. Hire a guide and check out the nutmeg farms – and the jungle waterfalls!

3. Kauai, Hawaii. What can I say? All the amenities of the bigger Hawaiian islands, but none of the congestion and much less of the tacky tourist-y stuff..

4. Dursey Island. This little island at the tip of the Beara Peninsula in Ireland. It has a population of eight, has no cars or roads, and can only be reached for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon by this old, creaky cable car across a channel. You can reach the opposite end by bike, and it feels like you’re at the edge of the world!

5. Mackinac Island, Lake Huron. I haven’t actually been to this car-less resort island yet, but it’s also way up on my list!

6. The Gulf Islands. The ferries to these islands in British Columbia, Canada, are too expensive, and they don’t run often enough. But these islands are still incredibly beautiful.

7. Tom Sawyer’s Island, Disneyland. It’s now called Pirate’s Lair and it had a major upgrade in 2007. But I like it because of the fond memories from my childhood.

8. Lopez Island. My favorite of the San Juan Islands in Washington State. This is where you’ll find me every August.

9. Catalina Island, California. No cars, funky shops, and flying fish!

10. St. John Virgin Island. Most of the island is a national park, which mean this is the Virgin Island to visit – at least if, like me, you want to avoid other people!

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