Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top 10 Blogs

These are blogs that I check almost every day. If you aren't on the list, that doesn't mean I don't love your blog! There's only 10 slots! In no particular order-

1. The Story Siren

Kristi is the queen bee of blogging! All of her posts are so fun to read and you can tell she puts a lot of time into her blog.

2. Books by Their Cover

Yan's reviews are incredibly honest, which I love. I can always trust that the books she recommends will be good.

3. Pop Culture Junkie

I love all of Alea's meme's and everything that she posts is just pure gold.

4. Sarah's Random Musings

I don't really know what to say. I just love Sarah's blog! I know how much work she puts into it (which is a lot). She's one of the nicest reviewers and we have the same taste in books, so I trust her opinion completely.

5. Frenetic Reader

Khy's posts are so original. I like that she does what she wants to do with her blog. And her lists! I love her lists!

6. The Book Cellar

Erica is one of the most dedicated book bloggers out there. She's so organized with what she does and always tries to get reviews up on time. I truly admire her.

7. Persnickety Snark

I love Adele! She isn't afraid to be straight up to the point. I love the way she writes and presents herself online.

8. The Page Flipper

Chelsea is another blogger who's opinion I trust. (In books, music, TV, and drink of choice *coffee buddies!*) When I first started looking at blogs, I stumbled upon The Page Flipper and immediately fell in love with the content.

9. The Compulsive Reader

Tirzah is well loved in the blogging community, and there's a reason why. She is so nice and so honest. I love reading her blog daily.

10. Book Chic

His posts are always interesting and fun to read or watch!