Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Amanda Project by Melissa Kantor

Amanda Valentino changed everything. Callie Leary has exactly one thing, and one thing only, in common with Nia Rivera and Hal Bennett: They were each chosen by Amanda to be her guide. When Amanda arrived at Endeavor High, she told Callie she moves around a lot and always picks one person to help her navigate the choppy waters of a new school. Why did Amanda lie? Following a course that they suspect Amanda deliberately plotted, Callie, Nia, and Hal piece together some cryptic clues. But they find more questions than answers and quickly realize that before they can figure out what happened to Amanda—the girl who changed their lives—they'll need to solve the most important mystery of all: Who is Amanda Valentino?

I really didn’t expect to like this book. I start reading it with no expectations. During the beginning, I got really confused about what was going on. I kept referencing the summary of the book making sure I wasn’t getting it mixed up with a different novel. Luckily, after awhile the story started to come together and everything made sense once again.
Once I started to get into it, The Amanda Project got really good! I love the concept of the series and how it’s written. I was a little worried about how each author would write a book in the series. I’m glad the Melissa Kantor wrote the first book because she has a really fluid way of writing that easily captures readers. She worked her magic on The Amanda Project and made it a really good, complicated, mysterious book that I loved reading.

FTC- Publisher.


Loraine said...

Hey Zoe, just dropping by :) i like your review! Here's mine: HAVE A NICE DAY!

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