Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top 10 Author Twitters

In no particular order-

1. @HannahMosk

Hannah Moskowitz fills her twitter with everything real. Unlike many authors, what she tweets isn't mainly about her books, which is refreshing. Even though she doesn't like it to be a big deal, Hannah is a teenager. Her twitter isn't written like someone who is older. By looking at her tweets you know that they aren't staged.

2. @joshberkbooks

His tweets are all SO. FUNNY. Oh my gosh, Josh Berk should just be a comedian.

3. @LaurenDeStefano

Lauren is so nice! She keeps in contacts with her readers, which is really hard to do.

4, 5, 6, 7. @LeahClifford @CAMoulton @scott_tracy @chelseaswiggett

Again, all four of these authors don't promote their books a whole lot! I am also a creeper who reads their conversations about music (they recommend some pretty good stuff).

8. @HeidiRKling

Damon! Afghan Boy! I love all of Heidi's tweets. They're so funny!

9. @DaisyWhitney

Daisy responds to her readers, which is a really important thing on twitter. I also love reading about the tech things she tweets about.

10. @loversdiction

I don't know if this account is still running, but it hosts teasers for David Levithan's new adult book The Lovers Dictionary. It isn't technically an author twitter since the soul purpose of it is to promote the book, but I like the teasers!

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