Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Favorite Authors?

So a question that is asked and avoided in the YA Lit. world a lot is "who is your favorite author?". A lot of authors and bloggers avoid this question because it's hard picking favorites when you've read so many books. I have "favorites" shelves where all my favorite books/authors go. There are a lot of books on those shelves. Today I thought I will tell you all about my favorite authors.
Just as a warning though- my list of all time favorite authors is only for authors that have more than one book out. Or if they have a book out coming later this year and I've already read it. Some of my favorite books of all time are by authors who don't have another book out yet. Their books are still on the "favorite" shelf, but aren't going to be included in this list.
A lot of the authors on this list are some of the very first YA authors I ever read. There is only one author on the list, who isn't one of the first YA authors that I ever read. Here is the list-

1. Hannah Moskowitz-
Since she is the author who has made her way on to my favorite authors list, without being one of the first authors I read- I think she should be first on this list. Hannah must think I'm crazy and a creeper because this is the 4th or 5th "favorites" list of mine that she's been on. But, I mean guys... I don't fangirl just ANY author. Break, Hannah's first book is so freaking amazing that I read it in public. I don't read much in public. Invincible Summer, her April 19th release is so damn addicting. Her Fall Middle Grade book release, Zombie Tag is the only Middle Grade that I can remember ever being excited about (I'm not a big MG fan). She also writes really fast, it's amazing. Hannah is an all around amazing person/writer. And, she has really awesome hair. If someone asked me what writer I wanted my writing-career to be like- Hannah would be tied with the next author on this list.

2. David Levithan-
If he has google-alert on his name, I am pretty sure I sound like a stalker with how many times he is mentioned on here. David Levithan has made an impact in lives. His books change peoples lives, and that is pretty freakin' powerful. His writing is so precise and lyrical. I love it. He has also written and published so many books. I think he's written around 15 books including the ones he's co-authored. You need to read his books. Need to. Now. Go do it.

3. John Green-
Yes. I know. John Green. Favorite author to many people. The reason he is on this list is because he was my first favorite author. Looking for Alaska was the first book that made me realize how complex YA books could be. He may not be number one on my favorite author list, anymore. But I will still buy his books the day they come out. I will also continue to fangirl him into oblivion.

4. Sarah Dessen-
Girl, your books make my heart sing. I read This Lullaby before I even knew the YA genre existed. I actually thought it was an adult book, until I looked up Sarah Dessen online. I own all of her books and have read them all multiple times over. To me, Sarah Dessen embodies the perfect cute-romance-YA-book.

5. Maureen Johnson-
SO. FUNNY. To get a new Maureen Johnson book- I would go to the end of the Earth and back. She can take you to places across the world and you will still feel at home. Follow her twitter and you'll think she is crazy- but that is why we all love her. Maureen is an extremely talented writer who needs to publish a book like, every week so I can escape to Europe more often.

6. Scott Westerfeld-
The only sci-fi author that I will read for forever. I picked up the first book in the Uglies series right when I was beginning to get addicted to reading. Never in my life, had I thought that I would love reading books like the ones he's written. Scott has remained one of my favorite authors for the past four years, and I wouldn't want it any other way.


Obviously if you haven't read these authors, you must. They are six of the best authors the Young Adult community has to offer.