Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Awesome Find...

So, yesterday I was working at the local used bookshop here. I was putting away books from our little library cart and something caught my eye. This thing was...


So here is a list of reasons why I freaked...

1. I love UK editions of books, they are just marvelous.
2. It was in paperback, and I prefer paperback over hardback because it is easier to carry around.
3. This used bookstore's books are very inexpensive. And since, I am two young to have an actual paying job, the deal that I have with my boss is that I get paid in store credit.
4. Have you seen the UK cover?!

So, yeah. I was a very happy little bibliophile. I ended up getting the book. I haven't read The Hollow yet, cuz I never really had money to buy the hardback.
That was my happy book news of the week!

Happy real life news of the week....
I got a B on my report! Yes, it isn't an A. But it is still passing! And it was 60 pages! And non-fiction!

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