Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 Favorite Blogs of 2009

In no particular order...

* The Book Cellar
Erica's blog is amazing. She is totally nice! And her reviews are honest. She has lovely contests, and I suggest you check her blog out!

*Frenetic Reader

Khy is terribly funny, every day I check her posts and almost every day she makes me laugh.

* Sarah's Random Musings

Sarah is one of the nicest bloggers whom I have known. Her reviews are amazing, and so are all of her other posts.

* The Story Siren

Kristi is the unwritten queen of Book Blogging. When I get home from school, one of the first things I do is go read her blog. She has a huge fanbase, which she totally deserves.

* Persnickety Snark

Adele is lovely! She is fun to talk to and she is Australian! Yay!

* YA Book Queen

Lea is a fairly new blogger, who is awesome. Her blog is very good as are her reviews.

* Hope's Bookshelf

Hope is just... awesome. She is very very nice and her blog is very very good.

* Books By Their Cover

This is another one of those blogs that I check constantly. The posts are always fun yet honest.

* Pop Culture Junkie

This is one of the most interesting book blogs you may come across. You will find reviews and crafty things here. Alea is very welcoming and she is terrifically amazing.

* The Compulsive Reader

Tirzah is one of the hardest working book bloggers out there. Her reviews are always stunning and you can tell she puts a lot of work unto her... work.



Alea said...

Awwww you are too nice!

BookChic said...

Awesome list! I love many of those blogs too! :)

And I apologize for still not getting around to writing a guest blog for you. I will do it soon, probably next week since this is my last week at work, so I'll have plenty of free time next week.

Adele said...

Thank you so much Zoe, so lovely of you!

Yan said...

this line: "she puts a lot of work unto her... work." cracked me up xD I have no clue why, maybe morning craziness?? LOL But thanks including me on your list!! Eeeeee

Anna said...

Awww, thanks Zoe<3

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