Sunday, December 20, 2009

The David Levithan Book Signing.

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to drive an hour to go see one of my two favorite authors of all time*. This author was David Levithan. I have mentioned him a few other times on here... long time followers know that I was dared to write him a love letter and that I have had an ongoing obsession/fangirl over the past year. But, I had never actually met Mr. Levithan. And now, since I did. I am going to write a post that may or may not be fangirly. You have been warned.

While my mom and I were driving to go see David Levithan, we were listening to the Glee Soundtrack and I was getting extraordinarily nervous. When I got there, I paid for my copy of Love is the Higher Law, which is David's newest book **. After I paid, I walked around the corner looking for the event and as I turned. I saw him. At this point, I was trying incredibly hard not to scream and be a creeper. My very mediocre self control worked, and I didn't scare David, which is always a good thing. Then, the event started. The bookshop gave away some books ***. And then, David Levithan started to read. Not only is his book awesome when you are reading it, but it is even more awesome when the AUTHOR reads it. Seriously, I could listen to David Levithan read his book all day and not once would I get bored.
There was a Q&A session afterwords, in which Mr. Levithan told us some really funny stories. And the super awesome tenner Daisey Whitney asked some super awesome questions. He told us which books he recommended (I bought one, and it was AWESOME)****.
When it was time to get out books signed, I got SIX of the books by him I owned signed. As you can imagine, that took awhile so while he was signing; I wished him a Happy Hannukah and he talked about eating way too much donuts on tour and I told him what I though of Will Grayson, WIll Grayson. And basically, I almost died of the awesome *****.
After that, I talked for awhile with Daisey Whitney and then headed home. This was possibly one of the happiest nights of my year... or... my life?
I also got to meet Chelsea of The Page Flipper and got to see Alicia of Shooting Stars Mag.
They are also very very awesome, and I am hoping to see Chelsea again! And I hope to see Alicia again at another event!

*My other favorite author of all time being John Green, who is awesome.
** Which you should totally check out because it was wonderful.
*** And my mom won one. Yay! I have yet to read it, but the book was Magic Under Glass.
**** The book is How to Say Goodbye in Robot. David edited it, and it is amazing.
***** One of the reasons I almost died was because he knew who I was. He looked at my name on the post it note... and knew who I was. It took all I had not to jump up and down right then. I jumped up and down and screamed when we went down to the front of the bookshop and got coffee.

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