Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scott Westerfeld and Sarah Rees Brenna Book Signing

So, yesterday I went to a book signing for Scott Westerfeld and Sarah Rees Brennan. It was really cool!
They had to catch a flight to Oregon, so the signing could only last an hour, which was a bit of a downer. Scott had a really cool presentation explaining pictures in Leviathan and explaining a bit about the book. Sarah showed us one of her foreign of covers and explained why she liked it.
They also had postcards for Leviathan and Bookmarks for The Demons Lexicon, which were all really awesome.
So, if they are coming to a signing near you, you should totally go because it is worth it!
I am in the middle of reading The Demons Lexicon, and it is awesome so far. I bought Leviathan yesterday, and it sounds marvelous!

I have to give kudos to Scott Westerfeld for signing all those books. I think I may have been the only person at the signing I went to that had more than 2 books... *blushes*. I brought 8 of his books for him to sign... and I didn't even bring all of the ones I have!

I would just like to mention that Sarah Rees Brennan wears the most awesome clothes I have ever seen, and she has an awesome accent! *Sarah I loved your shoes!!!!!*

If any of you are going to their signing, you are really lucky. Sarah, along with wearing really awesome clothes, is also really super nice. She is one of those authors, who actually take time and talk to you, which is rare and truly awesome.
When my mom and I got there, Scott Westerfeld walked right past us and said hi. From than moment on, I was totally starstruck. I mean, I have been reading his books for the past 3 years and seeing him person was He was one of those people that kinda, I don't know... look? brilliant. He has that air about him where your like "This guy is one cool dude."

One of my favorite things about the signing was that they weren't afraid to cuss. Both Sarah and Scott said "bad" words when they were presenting their books. I really admire authors who aren't afraid to say "bad" words.

In all, I loved this signing. I wish it was longer, and I wish I could have gotten some pictures, but it was still amazing.


Debbie's World of Books said...

I saw them on Thursday and loved it. One of the best signings I've gone to. I loved the Leviathan postcards and went out to buy Leviathan the very next day.

I loved their sense of humors.

Angel said...

hahaha Scott Westerfeld is the man
i loveee the midnighters by him
honestly though, the uglies and the pretties and all those books just dind't interest me lol