Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Can't Keep My Own Secrets: Six Word Memoirs by Teens Famous and Obscure

True tales of love, loss, good friends, and bad hair days filled Not Quite What I Was Planning, the New York Times bestselling first book in the Six-Word Memoir series—an international phenomenon. Some of the very best were by teens, so the editors decided to create a book written entirely by those bold, brash truth-tellers. From cancer to creativity, prom dates to promiscuity, and breaking hearts to breaking laws, the memoirs in this collection reveal that often the youngest writers have the most fascinating stories to tell.

This book is pretty awesome. Some of the memoirs are hilarious while others are extraordinarily serious.
The idea of six word memoirs is truly incredible. Some people may not realize this, but six-word memoirs can tell a lot about a person.
By reading this, not only do you get to learn a but about the people who contribute the memoirs, but you also get to read wonderful pieces of literature written by everyday teens.
This was a really good read and I strongly recommend it.

* I received this book from Harper Teen Publishing

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