Friday, October 23, 2009

Love, Ghosts, and Facial Hair by Steven Herrick

I'm a normal guy.

An average sixteen-year-old.

I think about sex, sport, & nose hair.

Sex mostly.

Jack's got a lot on his mind: He's trying to figure out the mystery of the opposite sex, he can't stop wondering about facial hair, and he won't let go of his mother's ghost, even though she died seven years ago. Jack knows he can't hang on to the past forever, but what he doesn't know is how to let go.

Then he meets Annabel. She's beautiful, smart, and she gets him. Suddenly love makes sense, and the future seems hopeful. And for the first time, Jack feels ready to leave the past where it belongs.

This book was kind of awkward to read. By reading the description, you may also think that. In general, it was an ok book.I don't really recommend it because it was slightly ridiculous in my opinion. 1/4 of the book was him talking about sex. Which in my opinion is kinda not a good thing. So, I don't really recommend this book.


Erica said...

Nose. Hair.? *cackles* Makes me laugh everytime....

Leslie said...

hmm it looked interesting but if your saying it talks about sex a bit too much then i'm not gunna add it to the tbr list lol