Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Guest Post with Mary Lindsey

Today is Thanksgiving for the United States, and I’m lucky enough to have Mary Lindsey here for a guest post. Mary is here to tell you all what she’s thankful for.



I Am So Thankful

image2011 has been a crazy year--wonderful and crazy. I could go on and on about things for which I'm grateful, but I'll narrow it down to people who have kept me sane through this amazing time leading up to the release of my debut novel. I'll refrain from getting gushy and keep this super short. 

First, I'm thankful for my agent, Ammi-Joan Paquette. who has believed in me from day one even more than I believe in myself sometimes. She's always there for me with a "hooray" or a "hang in there." 

Next, there is Jill Santopolo, executive editor of Philomel books at Penguin, who loved my book enough to take it on and make it ready for the world. 

Of course there are my precious children, Emily, Hannah, and Robert who have endured lots of strangeness leading up to this book release. 

Last, and certainly not least, is my dear, sweet, patient husband, Laine, who has never stopped believing I could do it--not even for a second. 

I'm also grateful for Zoe, who was kind enough to host this stop on the Shattered Souls Teen Book Scene blog tour. 

I wish everyone a glorious Thanksgiving Day. 


Thank you so much for stopping by Zoe’s Book Reviews, Mary.

You can find Mary Lindsey online, here

You can find more information about Shattered Souls, on goodreads, here.

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