Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer and Blog Posts

So I am officially on summer vacation from school, now (yay). That means that I will have time to read and sleep and sleep and sleep and blog! I’ve been out of school since Wednesday and I feel horrible about not posting anything. I do have my reasons, though.

First of all, I didn’t really start summer until Friday (I had other schoolish things to do on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday). I hadn’t really read anything until Saturday, because Friday I spent most of the day sleeping and planning blog things (interviews and giveaways!).

I’m not posting a review right now and I haven’t been posting them because I’ve been trying to build up a bulk of reviews to write. To explain that, I kind of have to tell you a little bit about how my review writing and post scheduling process works.

1. I have a planner that is specifically for Zoe’s Book Reviews and book events and such. To my knowledge, little to no bloggers besides myself have a blog planner. I do it because I can be really unorganized and I like being organized, so it helps me with that. It also helps me when I’m looking for days where I need to schedule blog posts.

2. Truthfully, nearly everything I post on here I’ve pre-scheduled. So for instance, I just wrote a review that will be going up on here June 19th. I do this because I know there will be days or weeks when I just don’t feel like posting- and I don’t want the blog to suffer because of my moodiness.

3. I like to build up a bulk of already-read books that I still need to write reviews of. I have all of the books on a pile on my desk and let it build up until I feel the need to write more reviews. Like right now, I need to write and post reviews but there aren’t that many books in the pile- so I will probably wait until Monday or early Tuesday morning to write reviews. I do this because even if I don’t read or work on blog stuff every day, I have at least one day a week where I only read/schedule posts. So come Monday or Tuesday, I will be a frantic organized mess of a person who will be scheduling reviews for approximately the next week and a half to two weeks.

4. I’ve mentioned this in nearly every other number, but I love pre-scheduling posts. It is my savior. In my review pile right now, I have a book that I’ve read that comes out in August- but I don’t have to wait until August to type up the post and post it on the release day. I can go through blogger and write the review now and schedule it to post at midnight on the release day or whenever I want. For instance, I believe I have a review schedule to post at midnight on April 17th of next year. I wrote the review last month.


All of these tie together to the reason I haven’t posted a review in the past few days. It is simply because of the way I write reviews. As much as some people may disagree with how I don’t review a book right after I read it- that is what I do. I like writing reviews after books build up because it gives me time to really think about each individual book, and it lets my opinion ferment more. It also allows me more time to set up interviews with authors and such.

So, even though I haven’t been posting tons of reviews the past week- I haven’t forgotten about you lovely and amazing people. I’ve been reading like mad and I promise that I will be posting more review in the near future.




Steph: Short and Sweet said...

Nice post :) I really like how you're organised and you've pretty much inspired me to do the same. It shows how committed to this blog you are. Love it :)

We Heart YA said...

No need to apologize for how you do things! Everyone is different and has to do what works for them. Diversity is what makes the world interesting. ;)