Friday, June 24, 2011

Displacement by Thalia Chaltas

imageHome is supposed to be a place you belong. It's supposed to be parents who are there and siblings who bug you and a life that feels comfortable. It's not supposed to be an absentee mother or a drowned sister. But that's Vera's reality, and she can't stand it anymore. So she runs. She ends up in an old mining town in the middle of the California desert. It's hot, it's dusty, and it's as isolated as Vera feels. As she goes about setting up her life, she also unwittingly starts the process of healing and-eventually- figuring out what home might really mean for her

Displacement was a pleasantly surprising novel. It caught me off guard with its fluidity and amazing poetry. This is the first book I’ve read by Thalia Chaltas and it definitely made me want to check out her other novel. Displacement was a really quick read, I read it in a night.

I found parts of Displacement confusing and hard to follow. I also had a problem connecting with the characters. Besides those two things, I think that Displacement was a fairly good novel. It was thought provoking and emotional, and was written really well. I think that people who like reading books told in verse will like Displacement.

Thalia Chaltas is one of the few authors who can get away with writing novels in verse and having them be pretty understandable and interesting. If you enjoy books by Lisa Schroeder and Ellen Hopkins, I think that you will like Thalia Chaltas’ newest novel.

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