Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stuff That Doesn't Suck

Stuff That Doesn't Suck is a meme that's hosted by Pam over at So every week I'll be showing you some things that I've found that don't suck. For this next part, I'm stealing from the Stuff That Doesn't Suck (STD) post over at Novel Thoughts, which you can find here. "Each week we'll introduce things the may be old, new, funny, serious, kick-ass, or meh. But believe me, none of it will suck."
Let's get started!

Blog That Doesn't Suck-

The Naughty Book Kitties is run by Brent. This blog is totally awesome. Brent always speaks his mind and is completely open about his feelings towards a book. I check The Naughty Book Kitties nearly every day for new posts because I am so addicted to reading this blog. Brent is fierce, and so is his blog. (You should check it out)

Book That Doesn't Suck-

Clarity by Kim Harrington
. I read this book earlier in the week and I am in love with it. I love books that I lose sleep over, and this was definitely one of those books. It's a new book, it's an addicting book, and it's an awesome book- go check it out! I still have to write my review, so that will be posting soon(ish).

Movie That Doesn't Suck-
Milk. When this movie first came out, I was totally oblivious to what it was about. It came out in 2008 when I was 11 or 12, and I just thought it was funny that they named a movie about a drink. And then I watched it last week. And then I was amazed. And then it made me cry. And then it became one of my favorite movies. If you haven't seen this movie, I totally recommend it. It's about Harvey Milk, gay rights, and his journey to becoming the first openly gay elected official.

Song That Doesn't Suck-


Pam said...

Great post and great song!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Can I recommend my new novel to you, Zoe? Check out Looks Like Love! I'd love to know your thoughts about it! :)

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