Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

This is a different work in progress, so it hasn't been posted yet. I was going to post some of the same story as my last teaser, but I couldn't find a part that I wanted to post. This is a ninja/werewolf novel that I'm also writing.... *this is in two points of view- Veronica (Rory) and Lukas* The bold is when it switches perspectives.


Dear Veronica,
The administration of ninja werewolf hunters and I are pleased to send you on your next mission. This mission will take place in Mansfield, Washington. You are set to leave in approximately eleven days. You can either convince your parents to come with you on this mission (without letting them know your real motives) or the administration at N.W.H. will be happy to find you either a host family or your own place to stay. Remember when setting up plans for this trip, you must be secretive about everything. Nobody outside of the N.W.H can hear about what you are going to do. We believe that you should cut off most, if not all of your relationships with the people here.
I will email you further information related to this mission tomorrow. You will have tonight to think about what you are going to do about your housing situation in Mansfield. You must get back to us tomorrow so we can plan everything accordingly. Good luck, we look forward to your email.

Administration of Ninja Werewolf Hunters


Dear Lukas Wells,
We regret to inform you that your families werewolf pack is in severe danger. The Administration of Werewolf Protection (A.W.P.) believes that someone may try to threaten the werewolf population in Mansfield, Washington. It is your duty, as the youngest living member of the Wells’ werewolf heritage to stop whoever is planning the attack on the Mansfield Pack.
We believe that training the pack for this sort of attack is necessary. As you are probably aware, the Mansfield Pack is one of the most significant Packs in Washington and to compromise its status by getting everyone in it killed, would not be ideal.

Good Luck,
The Administration of Werewolf Protection

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