Friday, May 21, 2010

Why I Love Joss Whedon (and you should too)

The title of this post, is really self- explanatory.
Joss Whedon is the writer of amazing shows such as-
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Firefly *I'm in the middle of watching it*
Doctor Horribles Sing-Along Blog

All of the shows listed above are some of my favorite shows. I watched the first 2 seasons of Buffy in less than a week. I have compiled a list of reasons why Joss Whedon is awesome *why yes, I have started to possibly fangirl*

--One word. Buffy. The best show that I have seen that has to due with vampires or killing things *with the exception of Dexter, because that show is killer-rific!* Buffy has really witty dialogue that is hilarious and makes the show fun to watch.

--Lovely guy characters. Angel and Spike from Buffy. Can I say ~swoon~? I am a sucker for guy vampires that admit that they aren't perfect and sparkly.

--He is awesome at writing musicals. Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is one of the most awesome musicals I have seen, ever. Evil Scientist? Check. Earthy girl trying to save the world? Check. Catchy songs? Check. Neil Patrick Harris? CHECK.

--His fans have names *I just found this out* they are called Whedonites.

-- He also directed a Glee episode that is one of my favorites, it is amazing and brought the show a bit back to earth. *thanks for suggesting this, I forgot!*

Are you a Joss Whedon fan? Discuss!


ally said...

He directed an awesome Glee episode. Nuf said!

prophecygirl said...

Buffy is my favourite thing/show ever, and I love Angel/Firefly/Dollhouse.

Master Joss is AMAZING. He's like my idol. So yep, I'm a fan too ;)

Great post!!

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