Friday, July 6, 2012

Never Enough Tour: This or That

Today I have the lovely Denise Jaden, author of Never Enough and Losing Faith, here for a this or that list!

image1. coffee or tea? Tea (Bengel Spice is my favorite)
2. big city or small town? Small town
3. ice cream or cake? Oh, definitely ice cream
4. iTunes or Media Player? Ugh. Neither. Can I go back to my tape deck?
5. Print books or eBooks? Print books
6. sweet or sour? Sweet
7. batman or robin? Batman.
8. typed or longhand? Typed.
9. high school or college? College was much more fun.
10. TV or movies? Movies
11. cats or dogs? That’s a tough one. Probably cats, but I love them both.
12. winter or summer? SUMMER!
13. contemporary or sci-fi? Contemporary
14. zombies or unicorns? Unicorns=happy
15. pirates or ninjas? Arhhhhh, pirates!

This post is part of a tour hosted by Teen Book Scene.


Read, Write, Read said...

Great choices! I also prefer print books and ice cream. But I like dogs better and big towns.

States of Decay said...

I love This or That lists! I share 11 of Denise's preferences from that list :)

Daniela said...

Ooh, loved this or that! So cool :)

Anah said...

Batman wins every time. :)

kathleen said...

Pirates... but ninjas are awesome as well :)

mariska said...

yeah, i love print books too..really like the smell of paper when i open a new book, and yes love the ice cream choice :)

alicia marie said...

I love this or that! It's so fun to read about what things authors like! I also like print books and pirates : )