Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life by Bryan Lee O’Malley

imageScott Pilgrim's life is totally sweet. He's 23 years old, he's in a rock band, he's "between jobs," and he's dating a cute high school girl. Nothing could possibly go wrong, unless a seriously mind-blowing, dangerously fashionable, rollerblading delivery girl named Ramona Flowers starts cruising through his dreams and sailing by him at parties. Will Scott's awesome life get turned upside-down? Will he have to face Ramona's seven evil ex-boyfriends in battle? The short answer is yes. The long answer is Scott Pilgrim, Volume 1: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life.

Holy graphic novel, Batman! I’d like to start off by saying that I’m not a big graphic novel reader. I had heard people talking about Scott Pilgrim and I figured that I had to get my hands on it, so I got it from the library. Scott Pilgrim is also a movie, but I haven’t seen it. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this graphic novel was. I think one of the main things I loved about it was that, when I was reading it, it didn’t seem like I was reading a graphic novel. It’s considered the graphic novel, but the illustrations seem like they’re a mix between comic book and manga.

I loved this story. Scott is so average, but when Ramona Flowers comes in- his world is turned around. It’s insta-love at it’s finest. Even though it’s insta-love, I didn’t have a problem with it because it works with the story. After all, it’s kind of hard to instantly love someone after you find out that you have to fight their seven evil ex-boyfriends. Scott is a character that I couldn’t help but love. I know so many people like him in real life. He’s awkward, cool-ish, and completely unsure of what he wants to do. Ramona is also really awesome. She’s a badass roller skating delivery girl. Also, the name Ramona Flowers is amazing.

I am so glad I read Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life. Now I need to go to the library to get the second book! Even if you’re not into graphic novels, I recommend Scott Pilgrim. It’s awesome.

FTC- Library.

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Ryan Stuart Lowe said...

Oh man, I LOVE the Scott Pilgrim series. I think I read all six of them back to back during the course of a week. :-)