Monday, January 2, 2012

An Interview with Daisy Whitney

imageToday I have the lovely Daisy Whitney author of The Mockingbirds here for an interview. The paperback of The Mockingbirds is released today and the sequel The Rivals will be released February 6th. I hope you enjoy the interview!

1. What was the hardest scene to write, in The Mockingbirds?
The second chapter was the hardest to write because that's the chapter when Alex starts to process that a crime has been committed against her, only she's very much in denial. So writing that required a delicate balance because I knew of course what had transpired but she wasn't sure at all yet!

2. In both The Mockingbirds and The Rivals, you list "classic" books that share themes with your books. Do you know of any young adult books that are similar to The Rivals and The Mockingbirds? If so, which YA books are they?
My book has been described as a cross between SPEAK and THE DISREPUTABLE HISTORY OF FRANKIE LANDAU BANKS. So I would definitely say those books are similar thematically to mine. I also think PAPER COVERS ROCK by Jenny Hubbard, a Delacorte novel (June 2011), is similar because it deals with things gone wrong at a boarding school.

3. What one thing would you like readers to take from reading your books?
Whatever they need or want! Seriously. I'm always amazed at what readers tell me they take away from my stories and it's often different for everyone. That's the beauty of reading -- it's such an individual experience and you take away what you NEED to take away from a story. For instance, in Suzanne Young's new novel A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL what impacted me was the idea of memory and what it means to remember, or not remember, someone you love. Other readers have taken away themes of sacrifice and kindess to strangers. So, for my books - some people may be impacted by the love stories in them, some by the pain, some by the themes of justice, standing up and doing the right thing, and some may simply like the mysteries!

4. Do you have any upcoming novels you can tell us about?
I sold my third novel to Little Brown this summer! It's called WHEN YOU WERE HERE and it's described as Lost in Translation meets Where She Went. It's the story of an American teenager who travels from California to Tokyo to uncover the secrets surrounding his mother's death, all while trying to hold onto and let go of the girl he's been in love with his whole life. It's about big loss and big love. About two-thirds of the novel is set in Tokyo so it was great fun for me to write about an international city that is tremendously hip, vibrant and exciting. It's slated for a 2013 release.

5. In The Mockingbirds, being a pianist plays a big part in Alex' life. Have you played or do you currently play any instruments?
I am the world's worst singer! I can't carry a tune to save my life. I did play piano for two years in 3rd and 4th grade and I did learn the chorus from Ode to Joy, and I can still play about 10 notes from it! But other than that, I am bereft of musical abilities. However, the way Alex feels about music is the way I feel about writing, so her passion and her connection to music was easy to write.

6. Is there anything you would like to add?

I love shoes, chocolate, my amazing dog, my kids, my hubby and I try to do crossword puzzles regularly to keep my brain sharp, but I rarely can finish them without looking up a few clues!


Khy said...

So excited for The Rivals, yay!

Also, Lost in Translation meets Where She Went? TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER. Therefore I need When You Were Here too.

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