Saturday, December 10, 2011

Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers

imageLuc Cain was born and raised in Hell, but he isn’t feeling as demonic as usual lately—thanks to Frannie Cavanaugh and the unique power she never realized she had. But you can’t desert Hell without consequences, and suddenly Frannie and Luc find themselves targeted by the same demons who used to be Luc’s allies.
Left with few options, Frannie and Luc accept the protection of Heaven and one of its most powerful angels, Gabe. Unfortunately, Luc isn’t the only one affected by Frannie, and it isn’t long before Gabe realizes that being around her is too…tempting. Rather than risk losing his wings, he leaves Frannie and Luc under the protection of her recently-acquired guardian angel.
Which would be fine, but Gabe is barely out the door before an assortment of demons appears—and they’re not leaving without dragging Luc back to Hell with them. Hell won’t give up and Heaven won’t give in. Frannie’s guardian exercises all the power he has to keep them away, but the demons are willing to hurt anyone close to Frannie in order to get what they want. It will take everything she has and then some to stay out of Hell’s grasp.
And not everyone will get out of it alive.

I loved Personal Demons (the first book in the series), so I couldn’t wait to read Original Sin! And boy, it did not disappoint. Original Sin is just as good, if not better than Personal Demons. Lisa Desrochers knows how to write. Her writing pops out at you when you least expect it, takes you by the throat, and demands you listen. You will want to listen. I am simply in love with the series. It is steaming hot and action packed.

Luc is the ultimate bad boy steamy character, and I do mean steamy (Team Luc, represent!). Gabe is the good boy dreamy character, who’s dreamy but I prefer Luc. Frannie is one lucky lady to have both of these men at her side. She’s also really well written and a really great character.

I love the battle between heaven and hell that’s presented in the Personal Demons series. It’s a battle that tons of people know about, but for some reason it isn’t presented frequently in YA novels. Not only does Lisa Desrochers write a fabulously well developed novel, but she makes it so so steamy. It’s hot, I won’t lie*. But along with being hot, it’s also action packed. I loved it!

I have nothing wrong with Original Sin. It is an amazing novel. If you haven’t read Personal Demons you should read it. If you do go read it, I would make sure to have Original Sin close by because Lisa writes a killer cliffhanger.

FTC- Received for review.

*I am sorry to family members reading this. But, here on Zoe’s Book Reviews, I always tell the truth.

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