Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crush: 26 Real-Life Tales of First Love edited by Andrea N. Richesin

Readers will fall head over heels for this nostalgic and irreverent collection.

Twenty-six bestselling authors return to the teenage bedrooms, school hallways and college dorms of their youth to share passionate essays of love lost and found and lessons learned along the way. Whether heartbreaking or hilarious, their soul-baring honesty reminds us to keep reaching for true love wherever we can find it and for as long as it takes. Their intimate reflections will fascinate and move any reader who remembers her first love.

I admit, I mainly wanted to read Crush because two of my favorite authors contributed to it. Those authors are Lauren Oliver and (I bet you can’t guess…) David Levithan. It’s always hard for my to write reviews of anthologies because of the fact that there are (in this case) 26 different stories to review. Which is why I’m not going to review each story, I’m going to review the book as a whole.

Like any novel, Crush had it’s good parts and it’s bad parts. There were stories that I found boring and dull, but instead of forcing myself to read them (like I do with novels), I just skipped them. It seems that my favorite stories were written by authors I’m familiar with. Some of my favorites include David Levithan, Lauren Oliver, Melissa Walker, and a few others.

I loved how the stories were non-fiction. It gives insight into the minds of the author that I covet. Not only is Crush a heartwarming anthology, but it also lets readers get to know the authors that they’ve held on a pedestal. I really enjoyed reading Crush, and I hope you do too.

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Oh wow, this sounds so good. Gotta check it out.