Sunday, June 13, 2010

So Many Boys by Suzanne Young

After her center-court split with Aiden, Tessa put the SOS behind her. After all, cheaters never prosper! Now she’s busy working on her faux-relationship with Aiden and negotiating the unfamiliar waters of “technically single and pseudo-dating.”

Life can’t get any more dismal for a one-guy kind of girl until an imposter hijacks the SOS, and it’s up to Tessa to save her squad from slander. But with her best boy hot and cold, what’s a kitten to do?

Even worse, Tessa doesn’t realize how much she’s up against—because this copykitten is far more naughty than nice.

Suzanne Young never disappoints! The Naughty List (the first book in this series) was adorable. So Many Boys was just as adorable. In So Many Boys, it seemed like Tessa was getting more of her own voice, which I fully support. She is less focused on cheerleading and SOS, which gives her more time to grow into her own person.
Suzanne knows how to write an original story that doesn’t really have curse words in it, which is refreshing. I’m not against curse words in books, but it’s good that there are a few out there that don’t have much. This book is also really original, which is hard to find these days in YA.
When reading this, I was really emotionally involved. Even ask Khy, I was texting her like crazy talking about how I wanted this and that to happen. I came very close to talking to the book, multiple times. It made me want to jump in there and help the Smitten Kittens.
Suzanne did an amazing job writing this book. I need the third book this instant. If you haven’t read The Naught List, you need to read it. If you have read it and haven’t read So Many Boys, you should go out and get a copy because this series kicks bum!

FTC- I bought this book.

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