Monday, February 2, 2009

Gilmore Girls!

So, many of you who follow me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook. You know that I have a gigantic Gilmore Girls obsession. I mean, I only started watching it like 2 months ago. But, dang, I am really freaking obsessed. I have only seen the first 2 seasons and a few of the episodes in season 3.
This series has so much awesome dialog. Rory, the main character loves literature and is like the perfect student. I know that I would love to be like her. So, if you haven't seen Gilmore Girls, go rent Season 1 or something because it is really great.
They stopped making new episodes in 2007 (I think). But, seriously everybody should watch it.
As a matter of fact. I am going to go watch it right now.

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Chelsea said...


Alea said...

I agree, it's one of my very favorite shows. You are so lucky you have so many more seasons to discover and enjoy! LOVE IT!

Sarahbear9789 said...

I love this show. It goes up there with Doctor Who.

Kaylee. said...

This is a good show, I watched it everyday over the summer.

Ashley said...

Great show. I myself LOVE Jess and Rory together. He's a total cutie.

Storyheart said...

DR Who... Top Gear.. and all good BBC programs