Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Days Like These

So, Rosi posted something on her blog today (or yesterday). So I thought I would do something similar. Here it goes:

On days like this...

... I wish I could sleep a lot.

... I look out my window, daydreaming.

... I re-watch episodes of Gilmore Girls, so I can dream about being some-what like Rory.

... I want to be lazy.

... I sit outside reading books that I can get lost in.

... I admire my books and wish I could go and get more. (I will go get more tomorrow)

... it is quiet, but so, so, loud.

... I write songs with my guitar.

... I think, and write poetry.

... I don't want to do my homework.

... the world should stand still.

... I will go read.

... I say, goodbye, and have a nice day!