Friday, January 30, 2009

Why I Read YA...

Some people that I talk to about books, ask me why I read Young Adult books. Besides the fact that I am a "Young Adult"; I read them because I find them more interesting that adult books. I also write books for Young Adults ( I am not published). I think that Young Adult books portray a stronger message. Instead of it just being a story that someone reads for the sake of reading, most YA books teach important things.

I have read YA books that have taught me more about History, Languages, Myself, and to be myself. I think that if there is a book genera that makes you learn all of those things; it's a keeper.

I don't think I could remain sain if I would stop reading. It has become such a big part of my life...


valentina said...

well put! the question is, why shouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

My question would be why are they! I hate to explain why I like what I like. I am such a moody freak that most of the time, that's the reason.

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