Saturday, December 20, 2008

I was tagged!

I was tagged by Linda Gerber, author of Death by Bikini. She tagged me to do a 25 Things About Me post. So, here it is:(some will be obvious and some won't be)

1. I love to read.
2. Up until I got "into" reading books as much as I do now, I wanted to be a fashion designer.
3. Though it doesn't seem like it, I enjoy school.
4. I think Wizard Rock is possibly one of the best genera of music.
5. I can't keep my room clean for a month, or a week.
6. I develop crushes on guys in books, fairly fast. What can I say? A lot of fictitious guys are pretty frickin' hot.
7. I am obsessed with Harry Potter, but alas, I am missing two of the books.
8. My great-grandma was a fashion designer in LA and met a few of the "old" stars.
9. I have tried and failed countless amounts of times to start a blog, and failed. This is the longest I have ever had one.
10. I am also obsessed with the Vlogbrothers, both John and Hank.
11. I once cried when I received tickets to a Hilary Duff concert for my birthday.
12. I would like to become a YA Author.
13. The desk that I spend half or more of my life sitting at, is infront of a window, and is covered in notebooks, and school work.
14. I have an older brother.
15. I have had the entire Golden Compass trilogy sitting on my bookshelf for a year and I haven't read it.
16. When John Green (who I fangirl) came to sign books an hour away from where I live, I couldn't go...and I cried about it, because him and his brother have impacted my life that much.
17. I am afraid of heights, needles, and a bunch of other things.
18. I am currently working on about six novels.
19. I have two poetry books that were published in the 1880's and 1890's. And I got them both for one dollar.
20. I just recently lost my title as the youngest in my extended family! ( I am now a second cousin)
21. I have been to Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Canada. (I was in Canada for about 2 and a half hours)
22. I also missed the chance to see Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalastier when they were about 30 minutes away from me (I had an over night field trip the next day)
23. I am half-jewish.
24. I have red hair and freckles.
25. I procrastinate!

Thank you Linda, for tagging me. And I will tag whoever hasn't been tagged! Because I can't think of anybody right now...

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Gerb said...

Nice getting to know you, Zoe. About #6, I do the exact same thing. Now when you can find a real life guy who is as intriguing as a fictional one, then you've got it made!

P.S. At least read the first Golden Compass book. You won't be sorry.