Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pretty Crooked Tour: This or That with Will


Pretty Crooked by Elisa Ludwig hit stores a few days ago, and I had the chance to ask Will (a character from the book) a few questions. Here are the answers to Will’s This or That questions!

1. Cake or pie?

2. Mac or PC?

Mac, baby!

3. Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate (milk or dark only, please)

4. Rock or Pop?

Rock. The louder, the better.

5. TV or Books?

Books books books.

6. Night or Morning?

Night time is the right time.

7. Coffee or tea?


8. Typed or Long-hand?


9. Rain or Sun?

Sun. I live in Arizona, what can I say?

10.  Dog or cat?

Cat, but I've never had either.

11. Movie or TV?

Movies. Especially old ones. My mom and I like to watch them together whenever we can.

12. Day or Night?


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