Friday, September 3, 2010

Break by Hannah Moskowitz

Jonah is on a mission to break every bone in his body. Everyone knows that broken bones grow back stronger than they were before. And Jonah wants to be stronger—needs to be stronger—because everything around him is falling apart. Breaking, and then healing, is Jonah's only way to cope with the stresses of home, girls, and the world on his shoulders. This is the story of his self-destructive spiral, his rock-bottom moment, and how he finally learns to accept help and find true strength through recovery.

Let’s not discuss how long I put off reading this book, it’s really pathetic. I should have read it WAY sooner.
This book was amazingly intense. Every moment of it was enthralling. This was Hannah’s debut novel and I don’t think it could have been a better one! This book really makes you want to read more of the author’s writing. After I read a book, I write down what I like and don’t like about it. Looking at my notes now, there wasn’t one thing I didn’t like about Break.
The character’s were amazing. All of the emotions felt real. The brotherly love between Jonah and Jesse is something that is really admirable and beautiful to read.
Break was a fast read that I couldn’t put down. It was fast paces, memorable, and unbelievable intense. Every time Jonah would break another bone, it was like a kick to my stomach. Despite the gut wrenching feeling, I felt, not once did I think to put the book down. Hannah Moskowitz is an author you must look out for. I love this book beyond belief and will most likely re-read it, a lot. After reading this book, I’m speechless. I can’t give it enough praise.

FTC- Bought.


mary kate said...

I've heard nothing but great reviews for this. I have to look into this! Great Review!

Cleverly Inked said...

My brothers could learn from this

brandileigh2003 said...

Great review- it really was an intense book!

Jennie said...

Sounds great! I added this to my TBR!