Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winners of Goddess Girls books!

Hey everyone! I'm here to announce the winners of Athena the Brain and Persephone the Phony.

The winner of Athena the Brain is...

Jennifer G.!

The winner of Persephone the Phony is...

Julie S.!

I'll email the author your addresses to send you the book you have won! Congrats!


Jenn said...

I became the best Mom in the world today when I checked my mail and received my winning book!!
Thanks Zoe for the great 8 year old loves the book. I had to take it away before bed so that she would go to sleep!

julstew said...

I received Persephone the Phony today! My 9 year old has been totally absorbed in it since she got home from school. Thanks!!