Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Vampire Diaries Guest Post by Heidi R. Kling

So, Heidi R. Kling a tenner who had written a book called Sea that will be released June 2010 had written a Vampire Diaries guest post that I would like to share with you. So here it is:

Okay. So let me preface this by stating that yes, we are actually
discussing the merits that one fictional, DEAD, Vampire brother has over
the other. And we're all okay with that. :)

So Vampire Diaries has the sort of "Nice guy" brother, Stefan and the "Bad
guy" brother Damon. Both are attractive, smart and passionate, so it's not
a case of Who is cuter--because they are both cute. Both have hot bodies,
are tough and can twist a sharp pieces of wood into a vamp-heart when

So why do some of us prefer Damon over Stefan and visa-versa?
Well, Stefan is definitely the "Safer" choice of the two.
Let's do some Risk categories here:



WE SEE HIM LOSE HIS TEMPER: Damon: YES Stefan: Rarely, and when he does its
for a good reason

TRUSTWORTHY: Damon: NO Stefan: YES...until last night's episode

And this is where things get interesting, folks and why I'm leaning toward
Damon, NOT just because I think he is the more attractive brother, but
because he "Might be" the more trust worthy in the end. And this is why.

Damon is STRAIGHT UP about his character or lack of it. Elena said in the
last episode, "Can I trust you?" Damon replied, "NO."
He is open and honest that he likes to hunt, kill, and suck the blood of
He tells his brother Stefan exactly what he thinks of him.
He is UNYIELDING in his love for his Vampire-Ex-That-Looks-Like-Elena and
in fact, will risk anything to dig her up and bring her back to life.

Whereas Stefan---is a little cagey. I know, he is MOSTLY honest, but last
night he lied to Damon straight to his face, looking him right in the eye,
and that's not cool. Well, he TOLD Elena he lied to Damon anyway. But he
could have been lying to ELENA about lying to Damon. See where I'm going
here? My hackles are definitely up, and it took a LOT to get Damon to trust
his younger brother, so I don't think it's cool at all that Stefan lied to

Plus, I find Damon incredibly charming, and Stefan, not so much.

So as of today, this girl is TEAM DAMON.


Ella Press said...

Although it is obvious that Elena's supposed to end up with Stefan, go Team Damon! I love him <3 I agree with everything you say.

I Heart Monster said...

I'm Team Damon too :o) Woot!


I'm team Damon!~! he is sooo evilie cute. You got to love the undead bad boy!


Ohh forgot to say great guest post Heidi~!

Dani. said...

Team Damon woo hoo! By the way has anyone read the books? I only read the first (combination book) and i'm wondering if they stay on track w/ show... *i should really finish the series*

Great guest post though! Heidi seems good at that lately:)

Heidi R. Kling said...

Thanks for having me, Zoe, and glad you guys liked the post. I almost bought one of the VD books yesterday because Ian S. was on the cover. ;)

I sort of want to check them out now...if you guys do, let me know how they are.

Martha Flynn said...

TEAM DAMON!!!! And you were right (based on recent eps) - Damon IS the more trustworthy of the two. (Not to mention hella hawter)