Saturday, October 18, 2008

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Yes, I fan-girled this book... No, this isn't going to be a fangirling rant about how Twilight is remarkable. FYI: I have given up my fan-girling Twilight ways, and I don't like the book that much now. I'm not going to put up a summary for a few reasons, the first reason is that it is late and I am tires, the second reason is that there are so many different ways to sum up this book I can't choose which one, and third, most of you have probably already read Twilight.

Fist I am going to talk about the reasons why I like Twilight, and why at the time, I was obsessed. Twilight is a thrilling book to read. Not only is there romance and forbidden love. But there is also that teen angst type of stuff that is so fun to read about. You find yourself falling in love with Edward with Bella, and you just keep getting sucked into this dangerous pit of compassion and fast-moving thoughts. I got obsessed with this book the same way most YA readers did. Twilight is an addictive book. Because its from the perspective of Bella and she meets this ultra handsome guy, you feel like you are meeting him too, and you get to live this dream from whole new character, who lives in the wonderful world of YA Fiction.

The reasons I don't like this book (I'm getting ready for a hundred Twilight fans to throw metaphorical books at me) are as follows: though Stephanie Meyer wrote this world wide bestselling book, the characters have no depth, the plot isn't that strong, and the characters don't speak how people speak.

Though I believe that this book isn't well written, I can't deny that I have read it a lot of times over (I think five to be exact). I still re-read it again once and a while when I'm feeling in the mood for a sappy love story! I may not agree with ll of the fan-girls, but I still think you should read it if you haven't, if you don't you are missing out on a big part of our teen culture impactors. Twilight is the first in a four book series, the other books are : New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

Silence is silver, but Books are golden...