Monday, September 9, 2013

Guest Post- Daisy Whitney, author of Starry Nights

Today I have a guest post by the fantastic Daisy Whitney to share with you all. Her new book Starry Nights was recently released, and it’s about pictures that come to life in a Paris museum (it is such a good book, you should all go read it pronto). Since the novel takes place in Paris, I asked Daisy what her all time favorite thing to experience in Paris is.

My favorite thing to experience in Paris is, quite simply, all of it!

But if you’re going to force me to specify - I’d have to say my favorite part is simply wandering through the city. I’d start along the River Seine, watching the water as it winds through the city, and enjoying the people-watching along the bridge. Then I’d cut through the sixth arrondissement and gaze upon the gorgeous homes, admiring the windows and flower pots and courtyards and all the cool doorways because Paris rocks when it comes to pretty doors - orange, green, purple, blue, gleaming chrome and massively tall and high doors too! Then, I’d catch the metro to Montmartre and meander along the curvy cobblestoned streets, checking out the adorable little homes and flats and cafes, and stopping in a fantastic bakery or two, finding the best apricot tarte and nibbling on that as I then made my way to the Marais for a falafel that’s the best in the world.

In a nutshell - walking, looking and eating. That’s what I love to do most in Paris.

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