Saturday, February 26, 2011

Style by Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is just twenty-four, but she is already well known for several reasons. Her reality roles in MTV's Laguna Beach and The Hills made her famous; her pretty face has graced the covers of Cosmo, Seventeen and other magazines; she designs a namesake clothing line; and she's the author of the top-selling teen novels L.A. Candy and Sweet Little Lies. This fully illustrated style guide features Lauren's favorite tips on looking good and staying stylish.

I won this book in a HarperTeen giveaway that included various other books. I wasn’t going to read or review Style, but someone asked me to-so I am. I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was little for years and years I wanted to be a fashion designer. I have 8 notebooks full of my “designs”, but that dream is long-gone. I know all the brand name fashion designers and almost everything related with the fashion world, from when I was totally obsessed with it. I really hoped that Lauren Conrad’s style book would be much more than it was. A lot of what Conrad talked about were things you could only do if you have a large amount of money, which isn’t the case for a lot of people.
Style will be helpful to a lot of people. The tips in this book are useful and Lauren Conrad has a vast amount of knowledge with things involving fashion, colors, and makeup. In all honesty, my biggest and only complaint about this book is that a lot of the tips mentioned are only useful if you aren’t low on funds.
This book will be helpful to a lot of people, and is good for people who are interested in what Lauren Conrad has to say about her fashion.

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Khy said...

"but someone asked me to-so I am"

that person must be very kind, amazing, and have excellent taste


Rocker said...

Surprisingly I enjoyed this book. I have a secret addiction to style shows. I bought this book but now that I've started reading it, I'm glad I bought it.
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